5 stars for the Godfather of Effectiveness (Updated)

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HAMILTON, Wednesday: Waikato full-service agency KingSt, who hosted a recent Peter Field presentation in Hamilton, says the event was “groundbreaking”.

English adman Field (aka the Godfather of Effectiveness) spoke about the long-term branding report into ad effectiveness that he part-authored (scroll down for the link).

“It  was a true privilege to be able to host someone of this calibre,” said KingSt ceo Chris Williams. “Thank you to those who were able to join us for Peter Field’s presentation Why aren’t we doing this?

“Peter has really set the challenge for long-term thinking and creative that has the ability to bring about growth, a challenge we look forward to exploring together with our clients.

“The most effective emotions conjured by great advertising can be summarised as ‘an element of surprise’.”

“A few comments that stood out for us:

  • While digital data is extensive, current and useful, it is only a moment in time, and it is critical to also measure and prioritise ‘big business effects’ such as growth and share of market.
  • The most effective emotions conjured by great advertising can all be summarised as ‘an element of surprise’.
  • Brands that own an emotional territory in their category have the ability to switch activation on and off at a moment’s notice, while those that don’t have an ever-increasing cost of acquisition.
  • There is a sweet spot in the balance of brand vs activation. In categories where it is easier to activate, a heavier skew of brand activity is required; where it is easier to brand you need an extra push in the activation territory.”

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