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AUCKLAND, Today: M+AD won few friends with its grumpy Monday morning rant about perceived “errors” in the announcement of the Marketing Association’s 2020 NZDM Awards (scroll down for the link).

“Hey, just to correct you on a few points as looking a little silly there!” wrote Jess Scott.

  • “It’s called the 2019 NZDM Awards as celebrating the success of campaigns in 2019. 2020 NZDM Awards will be next year.
  • “Logo has been designed & supplied by an agency, not in-house as stated. Not sure where you got that information from? & to clarify, definitely not the wrong logo.
  • “The link you have came direct from an email campaign; in all good emails there should be UTM tracking, hence the long URL that you copied. You can find a non-UTM link by heading to the site, but you should know that already, right?”

“The NZMA does more for the industry than a gossip mag for agency-hiring and puff reel for the latest tvcs.”

Gabby McLean expressed similar views: “Petty and snarky comments, M+AD. Not On! The logo is correct, it is the 2019 awards. The link you were given had GA tracking links, your choice if you strip that out.”

Gabby also managed a bit of snark herself: “Might want to think about how you talk about core industry associations, because with incorrect comments like that you might just lose a few readers who respect what the NZMA does for the industry and find it provides more value than a gossip mag for agency hiring and puff reel for the latest tvcs.”

Yeah. Well we asked for that!

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