Phantom Billstickers goes green with Ad Net Zero partnership

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AUCKLAND, Today: Phantom Billstickers, Street Poster pioneers and Out Of Home (OOH) powerhouse in New Zealand – with a legacy spanning over 40 years – is proud to announce its partnership with Ad Net Zero, a leading initiative dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the advertising industry worldwide.

As Phantom Billstickers’ commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship continues, the partnership cements them as leaders in sustainability within the advertising industry in New Zealand.

A Legacy of Innovation – Founded by Jim Wilson in the early ’80s, Phantom’s journey began with a simple mission: to amplify the visibility of New Zealand’s vibrant music scene through street poster advertising.

Far from the beginning of the journey, Phantom Billstickers has been at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices into the OOH industry since the 1980s. Sustainability is at the core of the business.

From the early days, Phantom embraced eco-friendly methods, embedding sustainability into the very fabric of its operations.

“Joining Ad Net Zero is a natural step for Phantom Billstickers. Our ongoing efforts in sustainability have paved the way for this partnership.” – Tom Horton

Over the years, Phantom Billstickers has implemented numerous initiatives to reduce its environmental impact:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Transitioned to environmentally friendly materials for posters, including Greenguard plant-based inks, food-safe glue, sustainable poster paper, and completely removing plastic corflute
  • 6500+ Sustainable Frames: Phantom Billstickers poster frames are built from sustainable and locally sourced NZ pine, as opposed to using metal framing which is highly energy-intensive to produce
  • Waste Reduction: Recycled over 10,000 tonnes of posters in Auckland alone in 2023 and utilised recyclable materials for billboard skins and custom assets
  • Sustainable Operations: Introduced electric cargo bikes for inner-city operations and transitioned the Auckland transport fleet to electric vehicles, significantly cutting carbon emissions
  • Community Engagement: Fostered a culture of sustainability within the organisation, encouraging team initiatives like cycling to work and remote working to reduce transportation emissions
  • Toitū Net Carbon Zero Certified Organisation: Phantom Billstickers have been reporting to Toitū since 2019, earning them a Net Carbon Zero Certification

Joining Ad Net Zero – A Natural Progression: Phantom Billstickers’ decision to join Ad Net Zero is the culmination of decades of dedicated work towards sustainability. Their ongoing commitment to sustainability extends to their partnerships and prioritising working relationships with other Toitū Certified businesses. CEO Robin McDonnell says, ‘This approach strengthens our dedication to environmental responsibility and deepens our connection to the cause.’

The partnership with Ad Net Zero aligns perfectly with Phantom’s mission to lead the OOH industry towards a more sustainable future. By joining Ad Net Zero, Phantom reinforces its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices industry-wide.

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future – Ad Net Zero’s mission to decarbonise the advertising industry resonates deeply with Phantom Billstickers’ values and long-term goals. Together, they aim to drive systemic change, inspire other businesses to adopt sustainable practices, and contribute to a healthier New Zealand, and indeed planet.

“Joining Ad Net Zero is a natural step for Phantom Billstickers. Our ongoing efforts in sustainability have paved the way for this partnership, and we are excited to collaborate with Ad Net Zero to further our impact” said Tom Horton, Marketing Manager of Phantom Billstickers.

Phantom Billstickers invites clients, partners, and the broader OOH community to join them in supporting Ad Net Zero’s mission. Together, they can create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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