Phantom launches super-sized digital street poster

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Phantom is bringing the street-level authenticity of traditional posters to the digital outdoor medium. The first site in the new format is lighting up the junction of Williamson Ave and Ponsonby Rd in one of Auckland’s busiest pedestrian precincts.

Phantom sales & marketing director Rupert Fenton says the new format combines the best of screen-based and street-level media.

“At 2m x 3m, the digital site is the same size as Phantom’s ‘Super’ format. It’s a high-definition screen but it’s delivered with the same attitude that Phantom has brought to street 

“This development shows how paper and pixels are converging in the outdoor arena.

“This development shows how paper and pixels are converging in the outdoor arena.”

“In recent years, digital outdoor has offered advertisers a new world of creative ideas, flexible locations and last-minute bookings. There is this idea that digital outdoor should be a threat to paper and paste, but instead street posters have flourished.

“In reality, the digitalisation of the outdoor market has brought the billboard and bus stop market in line with how street posters operate. We have always offered low entry costs, simple flexibility, weekly posting cycles with short turnarounds and site by site purchases.

“And for years Phantom has offered live online fulfilment.”

Live now, the new digital site is contained in one of Phantom’s iconic frames and can be planned and booked with the same tools.

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