Palmie – ‘We’ve missed you!’

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Palmerston North is our 7th largest city. It’s home to the NZ Rugby Museum, a major university, and 85,000 proud residents. What it lacked, until recently, was any Phantom Billstickers’ posters.

Managing partner Jamey Holloway said: “We decided to take down all our frames in the Manawatu capital earlier this year.

“The truth is that our Palmie sites were looking a bit tired. Rather than doing some patch-up maintenance, we took all our inventory offline and went back to square one.

“We added new sites in strategic locations. Our site crew set to work installing state-of-the-art Phantom frames. Now the results are ready for your posters. Take your pick from 22 spanking new Phantom Billstickers frames in traffic-heavy locations.”

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