Phantom sees the light

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With over 700 legal and permitted sites nationwide, Phantom Billstickers knows how to get a street poster campaign in front of lots of eyeballs. But when daylight disappears, what happens to those poster views? They disappear too.

That’s why Phantom is installing custom-built lighting at its most high-profile street poster locations.

“We’re conscious that posters are a 24/7 medium, so we wanted to make sure our advertisers got the full benefit of that,” says Phantom GM Jamey Holloway.

“By providing warm LED lighting we can highlight the advertiser’s image and ensure it gets seen by as many people as possible, throughout the evening as well as during daylight hours.”

Phantom is lighting poster sites in its premium locations, with more being unveiled every month. Top-mounted LED lights were found to provide the best showcase effect, as well as being environmentally friendly.

“We’ve worked hard with local councils to get our sites permitted and protected,” says Holloway. “They can see the benefit in lighting, as it helps make the streets a more attractive place. And in winter, everyone appreciates a little more light on cold, dark nights.”

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