Flash new Phantom EV vans eliminate 11 tonnes of carbon

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AUCKLAND, Today: Phantom Billstickers has purchased two eDeliver3 electric vans from LDV – the first completely purpose-built e-van to go on sale in New Zealand.

“We love numbers,” they write in thee latest edition of Phan Mail, “… numbers of sites, numbers of poster frames and numbers of people who have viewed the street posters our advertisers have bought.

“We’ve also fallen in love with the numbers that denote our environmental footprint. Because what you can measure is what you can manage.

“That’s why we jumped through a helluva lot of hoops earlier this year to make sure we could obtain Toitū carbon zero certification. It’s a rigorous and independently audited report on the total impact of our operations, right down to the power bills in our office.

“We’ve jumped through a lot of hoops to make sure we could obtain Toitū carbon-zero certification.”

“It highlighted some areas where we could improve, like the carbon footprint of our fleet.

“So we did something about it. Enter the EVs.

“The eDeliver3s are big enough to hold a lot of posters plus the frames and other gear we need to transport around town. And they’ve replaced vans that were using around 200 litres of petrol every month.

“Doing the maths, we reckon our new e-vans are now saving 11 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Performance like that should help speed up our Toitū journey.

“Oh, and by the way, our team think they’re pretty cool too. Check out the paint job. Nobody wants to be the billsticker who puts the first scratch on that bumper.”

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