“I don’t like free stuff,” said no one ever

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“At Phantom Billstickers we never cease to be amazed at the response our interactive posters attract, reads the blurb in the last Phan Mail Weekly. “We love street posters that reward passers-by for simply passing by. We also love challenging the kind of lazy thinking that believes a poster is a 2D message and nothing else.

“Our most recent poster boy for these sort of posters is Charlie’s Honest Fizz. Over summer we helped Charlie’s create an ‘orchard’ of real fruit drink bottles dangling from Phantom posters. Charlie’s asked us to time the Honest Fizz poster replenishment for lunchtime, to ensure the biggest audience of thirsty lunchtime drinkers standing by to grab the product. We were happy to oblige.

“Other brands have also seen the benefits of giving away free stuff. Nescafé has run sampling campaigns via Phantom, and Lewis Road Creamery has just hit the streets with a brilliant take on breakfast.”

How to have a smash hit with sampling
“Think outside the square. The Phantom Billstickers team love a challenge. Special frames, custom installs – our guys will find a way to make it work.

“Think targeting. Ask Phantom to construct a schedule that targets your key audiences. With over 6500 frames nationwide, they can pinpoint the locations where your favourite consumers live, work and play.

“Integrate street posters with other media. Use the immediacy of radio and the viral reach of social, or whatever else you have in your bag of tricks. Drive attention in all channels and we’ll help you create a sensation in the street.

“Timing is everything. Lewis Road sells a breakfast drink, so we re-stocked their poster frames to catch the morning commuter audience. Morning, evening, noon or night – we’ll make sure our install teams are on the spot to unveil the big reveal.

“Oh, and one last suggestion. Call Phantom Billstickers to kick things off.”

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