PHD Aotearoa spotlights and celebrates International Women’s Day

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AUCKLAND, Friday: PHD Aotearoa celebrated International Women’s Day with an inspiring talk, drawing in the whole team for an enriching experience.

Amanda Palenski, the creative force at PHD, ran the show, guiding conversations with some of the agency’s heavy hitters. They shared their journeys and tackled what it means to be a woman in the work world.

In the spotlight were Nikki Grafton, Abby Parkin, and Helen Brown, who opened up about diversity at work, how they’ve navigated gender-related obstacles, and tips on moving up the career ladder.

“At PHD Aotearoa we prioritise supporting our current and next generation of female leaders.”

Nikki Grafton, PHD Aotearoa’s CEO, highlighted the rare but empowering female presence in their leadership. She expressed pride in leading a team that stands tall and supports one another, alongside the company’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

“At PHD Aotearoa we prioritise supporting our current and next generation of female leaders. We continually look for ways to support our team through providing skills learning and development opportunities while also building a team culture that supports greater resilience and confidence,” says Grafton.

Ending on a powerful note, Grafton paid homage to the incredible women of PHD, underscoring their pivotal role in the company’s achievements. “Today is another chance to celebrate our achievements and to recognise all the women who have gone before us to bring about gender equality,” concluded Grafton.

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