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AUCKLAND, Today: After a “comprehensive review”, Foodstuffs has awarded its media agency business to PHD Media. The incumbent was FCB Media.

Foodstuffs marketing director Dominic Quin said (in a statement out this morning): “We went into the process looking for a media agency partner who truly understands the media landscape, how it is going to evolve and work alongside our internal team as we shape ourselves for future success.

“PHD Media has a strong grasp of what we are trying to achieve and offer great talent, innovative thinking, strong in house capability, advanced tools and systems, and world-class purchasing power as part of the Omnicom Media Group.”

“I would like to thank FCB for their commitment and hard work over the years.

“FCB will continue to be our creative agency for Foodstuffs’ Pak’nSave brand.”

“Moving media agencies was a big decision and one which we didn’t make lightly. The FCB team will continue to be our creative agency for Pak’nSave [a Foodstuffs brand] and we look forward to continued collaboration which delivers innovative, edgy and occasionally eyebrow raising creative work for Stickman and the brand.

“PHD Media successfully won the Foodstuffs business because they demonstrated strong strategic capabilities alongside an ability to integrate their data, planning and campaign management platforms into Foodstuffs’ new operating model.”

PHD Media will be handling all media requirements for Foodstuffs’ key brands, both nationally and regionally, and their contract takes effect from 1 September 2020.

PHD Media ceo Nikki Grafton said: “We look forward to working across the Foodstuffs brands and helping the team take these classic Kiwi brands to a new level in the eyes of their customers.”

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