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In town this week as a guest of PHD to update clients on trends affecting the future of marketing and media – including pre-emptive marketing – was Professor Karen Nelson-Field, an expert on artificial intelligence, and ceo of Media Intelligence Co Adelaide. She provided sharp, straightforward answers to three M+AD questions … 

Define ‘artificial intelligence’?

The science of engineering computers (machines) to make intelligent decisions – decisions that are often too complex for humans to understand.

Will it eventually make humans redundant?

AI exists to bring efficiency to our lives. Does that mean some roles will be redundant? Yes, but there are roles machines can’t replace – roles that need human touch, empathy, warmth. And then of course there are all the new roles that AI is creating for the next generation.

Progression is good for the world.

Why are you in NZ?

I have been invited by PHD NZ to speak at last night’s thought-leadership breakfast for clients and annual agency conference.

“I talked about the progression of research and research systems in the age of AI and some of the super cool projects I am lucky to be working on. And what CMOs are looking for in an age of spending smarter, and what the future looks like with computer vision.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I am very excited to be here; thank you to PHD who are global leaders in the innovation space. All deep learners should grab a copy of Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications for Marketing – it’s written by PHD senior executives and is very on point with what is happening in this exciting space.

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