Hello’s entrepreneurial clients shake up the energy drink market

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AUCKLAND, Today: A new energy drink has hit stores throughout the country – and Gilda Kirkpatrick and the team at Auckland agency Hello are “incredibly proud” of the result.

Phoric is the brainchild of two recent university graduates, Holly Sutich and Bradley Hagan. After experiencing first-hand how most university students struggle through exams by consuming countless energy drinks (but feel guilty because of the high sugar and artificial ingredients), the pair saw an opportunity to make a change for the better.

So, taking the path less-trodden, they created a natural energy drink “for the new generation, by the new generation”.

Holly Sutich said: “Four years in the making and it’s an incredible feeling to see it hitting the shelves throughout New Zealand.

“Our generation is hooked on sugar-laden energy drinks to meet the high-demands of study or to climb the corporate ladder. Phoric is a new kind of energy drink, with the ambition to change the world for the better and provide a natural alternative for consumers.

“The active ingredient is guayusa, an ancient Amazonian leaf found in Ecuador, containing caffeine, polyphenols and antioxidants – it is a revered ingredient of tribal tradition and delivers a clean-feeling energy.”

Hello CD Gilda Kirkpatrick said: “The brand, design and communications have been built with the new generation in mind.

“We’ve never stopped pushing on this project and are incredibly proud of the result.”

“When you don’t have the marketing dollars of big corporates, you need to be smarter, more aggressive and create a brand with a strong purpose. We’ve never stopped pushing on this project and are incredibly proud of the result.”

The entrepreneurial pair were the Overall Supreme winner (and winner of the Social Enterprise category at the AUT X-Challenge, landing a $35,000 investment to develop their idea.

Sutich and Hagan said Phoric donate five cents from every bottle sold to mental health, and their ambition is to increase that to 20 cents over four years.

And, with the help of some heavy hitters like Chris Quin (Foodstuffs North Island ceo),

private investment, a well-connected board, and Hello, the business has serious support.

“At Foodstuffs North Island we have a real focus on supporting exciting new start-up New Zealand businesses and where we can be part of their efforts to become globally successful,” Quin said.

Chris Quin said: “Bradley and Holly are a couple of amazing young New Zealanders having a go and they’ve worked incredibly hard to understand customer drivers and develop a product they believe meets many key customer needs.

“We have been proud to support them and now partner with them in some of our stores.”

Hello MD James Polhill said: “It has been a privilege to help the team turn their dreams into reality.

“Very rarely do we get an opportunity to develop a brand from scratch and demonstrate the diversity of our work. We’re continually inspired by Bradley and Holly, and building the brand has been rewarding.”

Phoric launches with three flavours including Original, Elderflower & Lime and Ginger & Turmeric.

Founder: Holly Sutich
Founder: Bradley Hagan
Creative Director: Damon O’Leary
Creative Director: Gilda Kirkpatrick
Design Director: Nick Smith
Designer: Lydia McRae
Managing Director: James Polhill

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