Divine Intervention (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Pitchblack’s latest campaign for the Almighty healthy-drinks brand literally sings the praises of its new Sparkling Water range, for both its low sugar content and its sustainable packaging.

Playing off the inherent religious nature of its name, Almighty’s latest outdoor and video campaign praises the new product in its saint-like purity and elevates it as a godsend .

Almighty’s Ben Lenart said: “The spots, sung gospel-style, mark Almighty’s ‘official’ launch, and prove that great creative doesn’t require a big budget.

“It’s not quite Holy water, but it’s as close as you’ll get.”

“Pitchblack have nailed the launch of our new range.

“The team have taken a light-hearted approach to elevate the qualities of Almighty Sparkling Waters, qualities that make them a perfect drink for the current times – delicious, healthy and sustainable.

The campaign, which launches this week, includes social, On Demand and YouTube video (produced in-house) , as well as street posters – some of which feature a New Zealand-first special build using a 3D cutout mounted on foam with LED back-lighting to give the can image a luminous, halo-like appearance.


Creative Agency: Pitchblack Partners
Media: MBM
Production Company: Jetblack Production

Lyrics: Pitchblack
Music: Mahuia Bridgeman-Cooper / Franklin Road
Singer: Bella Kalolo

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