Thinking of a master plan – a collaboration between Almighty Beverages, Pitchblack and Marx 

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Pitchblack Partners, Marx Design and organic juice company Almighty Beverages have created a campaign to showcase a new product now in the market.

Three years ago, the partners put in place a plan to turn little-known Almighty into a contemporary brand, with a suite of products to take on the big players.

Pitchblack principal partner Josh Moore said: “With café and restaurant lockdowns in its wake, the business is really humming with a complete rebrand, juice relaunch, and two new product lines – Almighty Waters and Almighty Active.

“The first 18 months saw the launch of a newly rebranded Almighty Organics range and then the hugely popular Almighty Waters range. 

“Now, 12 months on, Almighty Active has hit the shelves – a zero calorie caffeinated functional beverage that’s proven a massive hit.

“The product looks amazing, tastes great, and gives you a huge clean caffeine hit, with none of the residual chemical feeling of a traditional energy drink or the dry powdered sugar taste of a sports water.

“The strategic plan to evolve the brand – from organic juice to low-calorie beverages and the functional beverage space – was the brainchild of the Pitchblack Partners and the Almighty team, led by co-founder Ben Lenart.

“The product looks amazing, tastes great, and gives you a huge clean caffeine hit.”

Ben Lenart said: “The team at Pitchblack could really see the potential of the brand to become bigger than our original organic juice product.

“They helped us spot the consumer needs, find the weaknesses in our competitors, and the opportunities for healthy new alternative products. They could see the big picture and the potential power of the Almighty brand.”

Marx Design then worked closely with Almighty and the Pitchblack team to build a brand with the flexibility to extend across current and NPD.

Ben Lenart said: “Marx has exceptional product design skills. They really understood the brief to create a brand that would evolve from one product to the next, creating clear product differentiation but retaining the collective power of a single core master brand. You know you’re drinking Almighty.

“Finding the right partners to collaborate with has been the key to growing our business. The design skills of Marx, and the strategic and creative skills of Pitchblack have literally born new beverages, revenue, and a fun and successful new direction for Almighty.

“Here’s to making plans. Cheers team.”

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