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AUCKLAND, Today: Pitchblack has helped Burger King launch its new King’s Fried Chicken Burger,” drawing inspiration from the extremes of hype culture and excitement that goes with a highly anticipated product drop”.

Pitchblack business partner Campbell McLean said: “The campaign brings together all the different media and feedback you’d associate with a launch as it rushes to become part of popular culture – from news reports, social feeds, vlog review and emojis galore.

“BK has even had burger fan Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck camping out in preparation of the drop.

“QSR sales success is built in the first 10 days of launch and this campaign is designed to ensure we come out of the gate strong.

“With the help of Pitchback we’ve been developing bold campaigns that demand attention.”

“Momentum is building for Burger King and with exciting executional opportunities like this now possible under the new visual identity, we love where the brand is headed.”

BK NZ head of marketing Andrea Spearman said: “The last 12 months have seen record sales for Burger King.

“With the help of Pitchback we’ve been developing bold campaigns that demand attention, and despite challenging supply conditions due to Covid we’ve continued to develop new products that appeal to our guests and builds on our recent sales momentum.”

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Agency: Pitchblack Partners
Production: Jetblack Productions
Sound: Liquid Studios
Animation: Mr mustard

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