Pitchblack Partners takes lead role appointed to drive Oceania’s creative direction

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AUCKLAND, Yesterday: Following a competitive pitch process led by consultant Jodi Williams, Pitchblack Partners and their sister production company Jetblack have been appointed as Oceania’s lead Strategic, Creative, and Production partner.

Josh Moore, Principal Partner, expresses gratitude: “To be appointed by the Oceania team is a real privilege and opportunity… Oceania is the most exciting brand in the category. We’re all going to be older one day and to know that we can have a hand in helping our parents’ generation and then in turn our generation, and the next, enjoy all our days on the planet is genuinely fulfilling.”

Sandra Daniel, GM Marketing and Communications at Oceania, praises Pitchblack’s passion for the category and clear vision for the brand. “They already feel like they are an extension of our team which is important as we have big ambitions for 2024 and beyond.”

“To be appointed by the Oceania team is a real privilege and opportunity.”

Anita Hawthorne, Group General Manager Sales and Services at Oceania, looks forward to collaborating with Pitchblack Partners. “I’ve been impressed with the thinking I have seen from the Pitchblack Partners already and I’m excited to be working with an independent agency that clearly has a real interest in improving the life of Kiwi’s and their families as they age.”

Moreover, the appointment underscores Pitchblack Partners’ growing reputation in the industry. Their commitment to innovation and understanding of Oceania’s vision positions them as invaluable partners.

Additionally, the partnership aligns with Oceania’s ambitious goals for the future. With Pitchblack Partners on board, they are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of retirement living and aged care.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Pitchblack Partners and Oceania heralds an exciting chapter in both their stories. Together, they are poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors and their families across New Zealand.”

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