Portfolio site debuts – by creatives for creatives

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Two digital creatives have pooled their talents to set up Creative Connect, a localised online portfolio creation platform that enables creatives to showcase their work and skillset with ease (no coding necessary.) It launched at the end of this month.

“We are absolutely free to use for all creatives,” says Tan Desai, design director at a prominent Auckland agency. He asked M+AD to not name the agency – “We’re doing this after-hours, and we want to be primarily known as founders of CC,” he said.

Desai’s business partner in Creative Connect is Auckland-based senior developer Ovi Alexeenco.

“We’ll also be providing an online resource of practical tips and interviews from local industry experts and professionals, to help bridge the gap between students and the industry,” Desai says.

“Our in-built messaging system (much like Facebook or LinkedIn) encourages dialogue between the community.

“We’re very new and only just starting to spread the word. Hope you guys can help with that?☺”

The pair say they are driven to bridge the gap between students and the industry, and between freelance talent and opportunity.

“Alongside the portfolios, creatives can add nice big 920-pixel images and embedded video,” Desai says.

“We’ll be posting updates on Creative Connect as more and more NZ creatives join and the community grows.

There’s more to come, they say, including a messaging system so NZ creatives can contact each other, and regular content (industry insights, interviews, business advice) to make sure Creative Connect becomes a true resource and a hub for NZ creatives.

“As a design director, I’ve worked across a variety of disciplines and clients,” Desai writes on his Linkedin page. “I’ve had the pleasure of working across Print, Publishing, Motion Graphics & Digital Design having recently narrowed my focus to Print & Digital.

“In recent years I’ve narrowed my focus to design direction for branding projects and motion graphic pieces.

“I enjoy crafting a good solid idea that can stretch across multiple mediums through the use of design.”

He’s done work for Fonterra, Air New Zealand, TV2, Sanitarium, Phoenix & Charlie’s juices and Chelsea Sugar.

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