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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Phan Mail, the weekly newsletter from Phantom Billstickers (“Glue in our hair for 40 years”) would like you to meet Helia Jafari, one of their project coordinators – a multi-skilled multi-tasker.

As she puts it, “My job is to organise and monitor activities, resources and daily progress of different projects at Phantom. I work on systems and automations to make life easier for Phantoms, even if I cry myself to sleep thinking how I can make a workflow work.

“That last bit is obviously a joke, I love challenging myself and finding a solution.”

Here’s her thoughts on being fresh to Aotearoa, starting at Phantom and what she’d do if she ruled the world:

I was a Product Owner in an IT company before I moved to New Zealand two years ago to pursue my studies. Yes, just before the first lockdown that everybody thought would last for two weeks! 

I started out working part-time as a Project Coordinator and R&D assistant at an amazing start-up that works on content accessibility to sign language users. I met Phantom once I finished my studies, my first official fulltime job in New Zealand, the coolest.

Every day at Phantom is different for me because I have varied responsibilities that are not limited to one department of the business. That’s what I love about my role! Some days I spend time with our sales team helping them automate their work, and some days I work on the commercial and operations side, making sure our Phantom sites are looking good and our site owners are happy. I also enjoy helping run marketing campaigns from time to time.

“I like the Atomic Coffee creative at our Ponsonby supersite promoting their home delivery service. The design of the posters, and having the van next to them with free coffee, is super creative.”

My role matches my personality. There was a work personality test for Phantom so I do have proof. I love working with the people at Phantom.

Phantom is a company without any unnecessary hierarchy, which means you can openly discuss your opinions and feedback, or have a casual chat with your manager or the ceo without the fear of being judged or punished. This really matters to me, especially because I am new to New Zealand’s work culture.

One of my favourite poster campaigns was the one we did recently for Venom. There were custom black frames, paintings, and reflective elements to light up at night.

“I also like the Atomic Coffee creative at our Ponsonby super site promoting their home delivery service. The design of the posters, and having the van next to them with free coffee, is super creative.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with my friends and discovering cool places in Auckland. I’m also a foodie and trying different cuisines is my hobby.

If I ruled the world I would try and find a way to get rid of Covid or any other virus that might appear in the future, because who hasn’t been tired of Covid life and quarantine? And I would also give everyone in the world an equal opportunity to build their lives and find their own success.

Our Billstickers are diverse and hard-working people, united in their desire to help clients get great results from Phantom frames.

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