Gone in 40 minutes – Why it’s a good thing when your artwork gets nicked

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The latest edition of Phantom Billstickers’ e-newsletter continues its series of engaging conversations with key staffers. Last week, it featured the company’s stickup gang. This week the focus is on Phantom Auckland account manager Kasmira Sewpershad, who ponders the motives of those who steal the easily accessible artworks.

She loves her job: “I like the mix of creative and commercial work. I get to work on campaigns for big corporates like McDonald’s and ASB and also campaigns for Moochi and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. It’s a nice mix.

“I recently worked on a Deadly Ponies campaign that was a huge success,” she says. “We put up posters with removable pony stickers in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and ran a social media campaign letting people know where to find their locations.

“The stickers were all gone within the first day of the campaign. On the second day we replaced them, and some were taken within 40 minutes of being replaced. It created a huge buzz.

“I like street posters because they are real and they’re right there in front of you. You can’t ignore them or block them out. They’re at eye level so you can interact with them.In the fickle world of media, street posters have stood the test of time and at Phantom we are making sure that our products just keep getting better.

“Life at Phantom is a bit like our campaigns – there’s a nice mix of corporate and creativity.”

I think our Game of Thrones Season 7 campaign nailed it for creativity. We created a winter-themed sidewalk display at a number of sites with icicle-laden posters. We custom-made frames using a specially formulated resin and specialist prop-making to retro-fit realisticicicles, and then filled those frames with black posters promoting the date the new season went to air.

“The campaign also happened to go up on the coldest week of the year, with heavy rain and snow across the country, which was just perfect timing.”

Car brands
“I’d love to see more car brands on street posters,” Sewpershad says. “In thepast all our posters were portrait, which may have been an obstacle, but we now have Pano (panoramic) sites that are landscape and thus perfect for cars or any artwork that needs to be in the landscape format.”

What’s the culture like at Phantom?
It’s a bit like our campaigns – there’s a nice mix of corporate and creativity. There are people who have been here for 10 years or longer. They know all the ropes and have a wealth of knowledge, which is unheard of in most places in our high turnover industry. And there’s new blood to keep things fresh and bring in new perspectives.

We all look after each other and help each other out. It’s so important to be in a place where people are happy. The older I get, the more Irealise how important it is to have a good culture and be happy at work. It’s the only way to do your best work.

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