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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Phantom Billstickers’ latest, smart, e-letter gets straight to the point: “When the Government realised it had a serious battle on its hands, it didn’t muck about.

“It asked Phantom to print up a batch of street posters to educate the public. The creative was vivid and the messages were crystal-clear:

  • Washing and drying your hands kills the virus.
  • Be kind. Check-in on the elderly or vulnerable.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Stay home if you are sick.

“Then the hammer came down and we all got the message to stay indoors.”

Stay home. Save lives
“This last poster went up after the lockdown with Phantom team members each working in complete isolation to get the word out for the Government. [It also features on today’s M+AD masthead.]

“What we love about this campaign …

  • The creative is simple, consistent and utterly single-minded.
  • The messaging is clear.
  • The campaign changed as the situation evolved – taking advantage of the ability of street posters to carry urgent, newsworthy messages.
  • And it took advantage of Phantom’s nationwide reach, with posters booked on hundreds of locations across 13 towns and cities.

“Last but not least, these posters might just make a difference. We have our fingers crossed.

“Chances are, you’re reading this from home. We’re sending it from home too, because that’s the just way things are. Our business is deemed ‘non-essential’ so we’re more than happy to do our bit to stop the bastard virus making further inroads.”

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