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Val Morgan has today released the first results in the Power of Cinema series which demonstrate the value of including cinema as part of a media strategy. “The findings prove that cinema significantly improves advertising effectiveness, delivering a 40% increase in the key metric of brand consideration,” says VM managing director Daniel Hill.

“The Power of Cinema series set out to replicate how television, online video and cinema are typically consumed,” he said. “For advertisers this presents compelling information on the role of cinema as part of a strategy in conjunction with television and online video. It builds on previous research findings that showed cinema to deliver six times the engagement of television.

“Whilst the power and impact of cinema is a universal truth, this is the first research that qualifies the value of cinema in combination with other media as part of an advertisers overall campaign. The results unequivocally show that cinema increases campaign effectiveness. Cinema drove a 40% increase in the vital brand measure for marketers; brand consideration. The strength of these findings clearly demonstrate that cinema should be included as a core component in an advertisers a/v strategy.”

The results were compiled from an extensive research programme which captured natural media exposure across campaigns running identical creative on TV, online video and cinema.  The research was conducted by BrandScience involving over 1200 interviews.

BrandScience Head of Data and Analytics, Kate Gunby commented: “This was an exciting piece of research designed to understand the contribution of different channels in an overall screen strategy. Whilst there is typically a big focus on the reach, there are still limited learnings on how different channels contribute to the overall impact of media.

“We knew from previous research that cinema has a higher engagement level but we wanted to understand how that engagement translated into the shift in key brand measures. The results showed how strongly cinema performs as part of the media mix and should certainly make clients and planners take a look at where cinema fits in the mix.”

Val Morgan Sales Director Suzie Lamborn said: “The research was carefully designed to isolate potential exposure to each campaign across the different media channels. The results show that cinema creates a significant boost to brand consideration, far beyond the capabilities of other media. The unique impact and engagement that cinema provides amongst today’s increasingly attention deficit consumers adds real potency to an advertisers channel mix.”


About Val Morgan 

Val Morgan Cinema Network is New Zealand’s leading supplier of screen advertising. Our network of over 360 cinema screens covers metro, regional and provincial areas and provides advertisers access to a sought after audience in a high impact environment, proven to deliver six times the engagement of television. Brandfit, Val Morgan’s strategic department, provides bespoke integrated solutions to advertisers across the full assets of the Val Morgan media group. Val Morgan is the New Zealand representative of the Cannes International Advertising Festival and Spikes Asia.

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