Powershop trumps Trump

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The new 15” and 30” content pieces feature toddlers saying Trump quotes. The footage abruptly pauses and a range of cheeky words replace Trump’s. The viewer is then challenged to trump Trump at the Powershop website.

The microsite Powershop has created allows visitors to modify and share some of Trump’s more bizarre quotes. Up for grabs are quirky Trump-related prizes such as instant tanning lotion, Monopoly New York City board games and latex Trump masks.

Supporting the video and microsite is a range of digital Adshels and clever interactive street posters, with adhesive words that can be torn off and placed over the top of Trump’s.

The campaign builds off the success of Special’s earlier Powershop Trump campaign – keeping the fun of the original and adding new interactive elements.

Powershop reckons the company has always been focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, and the interactivity draws parallels with their hands-on ethos that allows customers more control over their power usage.

The approach is intended to be topical, fun, different and breaks the mould of traditional power company marketing.

Video to the street poster campaign

The 3 x Powershop TVCs


Creative agency: Special Group
Executive Creative Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriters: Adam Neale, Matt Simpkins, Rob Jack
Art Director: David Smith
Account Director: Lara Seaton
Strategist: Matt Kingston
Media: MBM
PR: Sputnik

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