PR firm strangely silent on new choc products

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For reasons known only to themselves, PR firm Sweeny Vesty has declined to allow M+AD to preview two new Whittaker’s chocolate tvcs due to hit the airwaves on Sunday.

They did send us the general release, but no information of their plans to market the products. Our inquiry to the firm produced basic credits – that the agencies involved were MBM, Heyday and Assignment.

And that the tvc goes to air at the weekend, fronted by Whittaker’s regular, Nigella Lawson.

“Sweeny Vesty took the unprecedented step of declining to suppy the tvc.”

But they took the unprecedented step of declining to identify the film company or director, or to allow us to screen the actual ads. We searched Youtube and Google, for no result.

The new varieties are Dark Salted Chocolate, and Creamy Caramel.

Yes? Maybe!
We may decide to run the ad next week. On the other hand, we may just bury it!

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