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WELLINGTON, Wednesday: The “dynamic PR duo” at Draper Cormack Group, Lou O’Reilly and Dave Cormack, have signed “a flurry of small growth companies”, to go with their intake of corporate clients last year.

Managing partner O’Reilly said: “Our new offering is a results-based model, where eligible clients pay a modest admin fee and then again on coverage.”

“This gives small businesses a chance to dip their toes into media relations with some surety of return on their investment.

“PR, media relations and coverage shouldn’t just be for the corporate sector. The benefit of mainstream coverage can be for everyone with a decent story to tell and with Covid hitting tourism, hospitality, and retail, we’d really like to help smaller businesses to grow and thrive.”

“Draper Cormack PR was a Plain English Awards winner in 2018.”

Managing partner David Cormack says that this new intake of clients complements the larger corporate clients.

“Working with smaller clients is great for our business too, keeping us nimble and focusing on bringing real value to those with smaller PR budgets.

“In the last 12 months we’ve helped out major corporates like MediaWorks, Mojo Coffee, Electric Kiwi and Catalyst IT, so working with these new clients brings a breath of fresh air through the business.”

“DCG welcomes and encourages you to visit and buy from its new clients The Helpful Academy, The Chocolate Tour, Nine Yards Consulting, and Zay hand-woven bags made by women in Myanmar.”

DCG was a Plain English Award winner in 2018.

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