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Sydney, 30 November – Predictive smart technology similar to that which makes film and music recommendations for digital streaming services will soon be matching up users with relevant mobile advertising in Australia and New Zealand.

Big Mobile and Sweden’s Widespace, a technology company that creates tools to build brands in a mobile world, say they want to shake up mobile advertising with 0% fraud, 100% viewability and a break away from desktop metrics which only measures standard clicks and impressions.

Both companies aim to change the way advertisers use mobile and move beyond the click to build brands, delivering relevant ads in real time and provide new metrics to prove it works.

“I think brands are fed up with the old desktop model of clicks and impressions which really have a lot less relevance to how users are interacting with brands on mobile devices,” said Big Mobile’s Sydney-based ceo David Green.

But did it work?
“They want to know if their ad has worked and we intend to change the rules by delivering metrics like brand recall and purchase intent. And using Widespace will allow us to fully understand if the ad has succeeded.”

Big Mobile will harness the technology of the Widespace Summit platform, driven by a self-learning algorithm which watches user behavior to serve up the relevant ad. Summit offers the market a machine-learning algorithm which uses more than 200 parameters to make real-time predictions about which ads users will find the most interesting, and serve it up in just 25 milliseconds.

The clever technology also allows users to redeem in-store coupons and discounts delivered through mobile advertising and then receive alert reminders when they are in close proximity to a participating outlet – allowing brands to close the loop from ad to point of sale.

Green says the advertising algorithm embedded into the platform offers something new to the industry as it optimises based on unique brand metrics rather than just clicks when delivering results.

Millward Brown endorsement
The Widespace Ad Impact study campaign measurement goes beyond clicks and interactions and focus on ad recall and relevance, a methodology that has been verified by brand equity experts Millward Brown (owner of Colmar Brunton NZ – supplier of the M+AD monthly Top 10 tvcs chart).

Widespace also gather engagement data and awareness and consideration survey answers in an intuitive dashboard to show audience attitudes towards a brand over time and in comparison with the industry.

They also provide a range of engaging, easy to use rich media and video ad formats and tools for smartphone and tablet that will be completely new to the market and are designed to also assist programmatic buyers and in-house sales teams. These include Vertical Streamview and 360 video.

“A mobile phone is much more a personal device than a computer and a user really engages with their mobile right through the day, so measuring how a brand engages with that consumer is the natural next step,” Green says. “The brilliant algorithm running on the platform will then marry up the right advert with the right consumer using its Recommender engine.”

Stockholm-based Widespace was founded in 2007 by former Ericsson employees Patrik Fagerlund and Henric Ehrenblad. The last three years have been marked by rapid growth. In the past two years Widespace has received top rankings in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.

Last week Widespace announced that it has just made its Summit platform available to programmatic trading desks, specifically to deliver branding campaigns on mobile.

“This is not just exciting for Big Mobile but for all major premium publishers and advertisers in Australia and the region,” Green said. “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working alongside leaders in the mobile advertising industry.”

Widespace ceo/co-founder Patrik Fagerlund said: “We believe Widespace technology and the reach of Big Mobile will be a winning combination for publishers and advertisers throughout the APAC and South East Asian region.

“We’re very excited about the partnership and can’t wait to get started.”

About Big Mobile Group
Big Mobile – the Mobile Engagement Specialists Formed in 2009 Big Mobile is a mobile engagement specialist bringing people and brands together on mobile. The company has exclusive partnerships, representing the biggest and best premium Mobile publishers and has helped mobilise the top 100 consumer brands across APAC and SE Asia, with eight offices in five countries.

About Widespace
Widespace is a technology company creating tools to build brands in a mobile world. Using the power of data and insights, our unique technology drives interest and awareness for advertisers at scale, always in brand safe environments. Headquartered in Sweden, with eight offices throughout Europe, Widespace works with advertisers, publishers and technology companies across the globe.

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