Pregnancy skincare brand empowers women to have real and raw conversations, via Crave Global

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Leading pregnancy skincare brand Pure Mama has partnered with creative agency Crave Global NZ to launch an Australasian-wide campaign that ECD Hadleigh Averill says “is sure to turn heads”.

“Pure Mama is on a mission to empower women to have real and raw conversations during their pregnancy journey,” Averill said.

“Rolling out across out of home, trams/light rail”, digital, social, influencers and PR, the campaign has already garnered controversy for its billboards that reveal unspoken truths about pregnancy experiences and include the words vagina and boobs along with an image of a pregnant woman in her underwear.

“Following a series of conversations with key industry bodies, the work got the green light to go to market as planned. The team is excited to launch the pregnancy paradox campaign and start the conversation with mothers on both sides of the Tasman.

“Having listened to hundreds of mothers, it became clear that for most women, pregnancy was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and one not openly talked about in mainstream society.

“By exploring pregnancy paradoxes we were able to create a conversational platform that shed light on the bold juxtaposition between what pregnancy can look like in contrast to how it can feel.

“We learnt that there are many pregnant women who are excited about their pregnancy on one hand, yet a little nervous on the other about giving birth. Some even being paralysed with fear at the mere thought of it.

“Women may not love every minute of their pregnancy and we understand that creating the next generation isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it.”

“Women who feel beautiful and unattractive, full of life yet dying from nausea or strong yet insecure, all of which can be exhausting and lonely if not discussed openly.

“We discovered that most women feel a pressure to show this utopian idea of pregnancy, when in reality, they may be feeling something very different.

“Our strategy was to start a conversation through outdoor and digital executions that highlighted the dichotomy of pregnancy and use social media to expand the conversation using polls and insights from real mums, to really explore those taboo subjects.

“In the same way that Pure Mama facilitates moments for self-care and reflection, our aim was to normalise all pregnancy matters, in a bid to help women feel heard, understood and supported through their pregnancy journey.

“This even extended to discussions about women’s body parts and what happens to them during pregnancy. After all, it is 2023!”

Crave Global MD Daniel Hopkirk said: “We knew Pure Mama had a strong and passionate following and we wanted to use this as a force for good, to shift the paradigm and move beyond simply product.”

Hopkirk believes this new campaign will empower women by acknowledging the adversity that pregnancy can cause.

“By facilitating these conversations, we want to draw awareness to the pregnancy contradictions and make women feel less alone.

“Women may not love every minute of their pregnancy and we understand that creating the next generation isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it.”


Client: Pure Mama
Founder & CEO: Lara Christie
Agency: Crave Global
Executive Creative Director: Hadleigh Averill
Managing Director: Daniel Hopkirk
Group Account Director: Georgina Otto
Strategy Director: Lucinda Sherbourne
Copywriter: Verity Dookia
Copywriter: Tammy Keegan
Copywriter: Skye Ross
Art Director: Solène Constant
Art Director: Jacob Howard
Design Director: Brogen Averill
Senior Designer: Angelo Wells
Photographer: Chris Sisarich

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Formed in 2016 by Daniel Hopkirk and Hadleigh Averill, the agency’s focus is on working with purpose-led brands that add value to the fabric of New Zealand and Australian culture.

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