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Wellington agency GSL Promotus has launched a new TV and digital campaign for New Zealand’s government-funded quit smoking service.

This is the first new campaign work since the service was taken over by Homecare Medical in November 2015, and the marketing responsibility moved to the Health Promotion Agency.

The campaign aims to increase the number of successful quit attempts through the Quitline service, and contribute towards New Zealand’s 2025 Smokefree goal, which is an important challenge given 15% of the population still smokes.

The campaign features three advisers, Sonya, Jordan and Dave, who currently work on Quitline. Each adviser is joined by family or friends in the TVCs.

“It is often difficult to get non-actors to look comfortable and genuine on screen, but the approach undertaken by GSL Promotus and Symphony Productions shows how well this can be achieved,” says agency managing director Leigh Graham.

Each adviser tells their personal story in their own words to establish their character and relevance. In other TVCs they recall specific moments when they have been able to assist smokers to quit. Woven into their stories are features of the Quitline service that needed to be highlighted.

The stories roll out over a period of three months, with Sonya introduced as the first adviser in the series. One TVC in the Jordan series is entirely in te reo Maori.

Digital is also a key component of the advertising, given the high number of people who prefer to access support online.

Research shows that a key success factor for quit attempts through Quitline is that people feel comfortable contacting the service. The campaign shows how real and approachable the advisers are, that they understand the challenges of quitting smoking in the real world and can offer genuine, realistic advice and support.

Some of the key drivers for cessation, and therefore some of the key themes for the campaign are:

  • Money: What you can do with the money you save when you don’t smoke.
  • Self-esteem: Boost of quitting – being “quit” is aspirational.
  • The importance of whānau.

“Homecare Medical, HPA and GSL Promotus would like to sincerely thank Sonya, Dave and Jordan for sharing their stories, and including their family and friends in this process,” Graham said. “Also, thanks to Craig Henderson of Symphony Productions for his care and empathy to the advisers whilst directing these TVCs.”


Client: Health Promotion Agency (HPA)
Service Provider:  Homecare Medical
Campaign Title: Meet our advisers
HPA Senior Project Lead: Russell Duncan; Daemon Coyle
Homecare Medical Communications Consultant:  Robyn Bern
Homecare Medical team: Willie Unuka; Ben Strickland; Mitchell Bidois
Agency: GSL Promotus
Creative Director: Nigel Corbett
Managing Director/Strategist: Leigh Graham
Accout Director: Fiona Bailey
Media Team: Katrina Richmond; Brianna Mcleod
Production Company: Symphony
Director: Craig Henderson
Producer:  Nikki Chapman
DOP: Crichton Bone

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