Small business lender Prospa launches NZ & AU rebrand (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: Creative agencies DesignStudio NZ/global and AU voice agency XXVI have created a new brand strategy, refreshed visual identity and tone of voice for small business financial partner of choice, Prospa.

Prospa NZ managing director Adrienne Begbie said: “Prospa has been helping small businesses for over a decade with easy to access, quick financing.

“A track record of listening to and learning from its customers has cemented the brand as a trusted provider and the #1 online small business lender in Australia and New Zealand.

“To kick off 2023, Prospa is announcing a full rebrand to reflect the new journey that the business is on – a journey it will take with its customers. More than just a lender, Prospa partners with entrepreneurs to make business happen and is repositioning itself to reflect the fact it is the financial partner of choice for SMEs.

“The work was mostly created in Australia, but the message is being spread in Godzone by One Plus One NZ PR.”

“The rebrand is across both the Australian and New Zealand markets, signifying a new era in the world of small business financial management.

“We want to diversify our business and talk to new customers, and as such we are keen to communicate why we stand apart from other alternative lenders – and for our brand to reflect our business more accurately.

“Only Prospa offers capital products in a one stop shop for business finance. We are pioneers of simple, stress-free and seamless financial management and stand in a class of our own.

“Prospa is committed to unleashing the potential of every small business and we believe the need for specialised small business lending isn’t going anywhere. Small business owners will always need capital to run their business,” Begbie says.

“Prospa has worked with DesignStudio to shape the rebrand.”

The work was mostly created in Australia, but the message is being spread in Aotearoa by One Plus One NZ PR.


Voice agency: XXVI Tone of Voice
Creative agency: The Royals Sydney
Media agency: Sandbox Media AU
Content & AU PR agency: Mahlab Sydney
Brand Programme: Darling Marketing Solutions
NZ PR agency: One Plus One

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