Pure unadulterated arse gravy?

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Air New Zealand’s has launched its homegrown safety video It’s Kiwi Safety to a mixed reception. Feedback – especially on the Aussie sites – was mixed. To put it mildly.

“Woah man – this is a steaming turd of try hard; a clusterfuk of cringe,” wrote one anonymous commentator on the Campaign Brief Australia blog, while somebody called Steve Baylis really came to the point: “Pure unadulterated arse gravy,” he said.

Admittedly, we’ve seen this feelgood style of ad all too often from airlines and travel companies – but it’s not that bad. Stuff put it in a better light: “Over 2500 people voted in our poll with 43% branding it ‘one of the best’, 29% thought it was ‘OK’ and 28% called it ‘terrible’.

“43% branded it ‘one of the best’, 29% thought it was ‘OK’ and 28% called it ‘terrible’.”

It was made by creative agency True and production company Exposure – no doubt acting under rigid instructions from an airline not known for original creativity. This is borne out by the writers of a typically over-the-top release, who could not bring themselves to even provide the most basic of creative credits.

The safety video is backed by the soundtrack – a Kiwi a remake of the popular RUN-DMC song It’s Tricky and In the Neighbourhood by Sisters Underground, produced by Josh Fountain of Auckland’s Golden Age Studios.

It’s Kiwi Safety is the largest scale safety video Air New Zealand has ever produced, with a 600-strong cast, starring Julian Dennison (who, sadly, has grown up since Wilderpeople).

The video was filmed in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Balclutha, Hokitika, and Naseby in Central Otago.

Air New Zealand’s safety videos have collectively generated more than 157 million views online to date along with significant international media exposure. It will be rolled out across the airline’s fleet from today.

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