Q&A: Wrike links with Marketo (Updated)

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Wrike, a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform, has joined forces with B2B marketing engagement agency Marketo, which has bases in Australia and NZ.

We caught up with Fintan Lalor, Melbourne-based APAC regional manager at Wrike, to discuss the reasons behind this partnership and how it will benefit marketers …

Can you tell us more about Wrike and how marketing teams use it to improve their daily work?
“Wrike is a collaborative work management platform that helps marketers create brilliant work at scale, which includes creating content, creative and collaborating on campaign strategy and execution. 

“Marketing teams have a higher volume of work than ever before, and producing high-impact, multi-channel campaigns is extremely difficult without a consistent process. Add in juggling multiple projects, managing internal stakeholders and external agencies, and it becomes more complicated.

“To help meet these demands, Wrike created a clear end-to-end solution that connects marketers to the work with context, uses automation to link teams, and fosters collaboration in a way that’s more organised than email.

“Across companies like Hootsuite, Tiffany & Co. and Mars, we have supported collaboration from the ground up. With all team members on one single platform, silos are broken down and it is easier to manage workloads.”

“After working with Adobe, we saw partnering with Marketo as a huge opportunity to expand our marketing management capabilities.”

What does Wrike’s partnership with Marketo entail, and how will users benefit from this integration?
“Our collaboration with Marketo really transforms how marketing teams can connect activity to results. Marketers work with an enormous amount of data, so we set out to help simplify how they deliver on and quantify against goals and objectives. The integration automatically gathers performance data from Marketo Engage and correlates it to specific activities within Wrike.

“Marketers can then track the full campaign cycle from a holistic viewpoint, correlate activity data with performance data and see how processes translate into outcomes. Ultimately, this enables workers to review the information at hand to optimise processes, increase efficiencies and improve future campaign performance, without having to repeatedly switch from one platform to another.

Does Wrike have similar existing partnerships with marketing automation / CRM systems? Who are they?
Wrike integrates with hundreds of other SaaS applications, including leading solutions in the CRM, DAM and messaging categories. These integrations help leaders sync data with sources to save time and fuel accurate decision-making.

Why is it important for Wrike to integrate with this kind of platform?
“Workers have reported that their number one cause of stress is missing information, and frequently, that information isn’t missing ― it’s just spread across multiple systems. Since launching Wrike for Marketers in 2016, we’ve focused on providing marketing teams with an end-to-end solution that makes it simple to find the information they need to move projects forward.

“We’re continually exploring new ways to deepen and expand our integrations and product offering to the benefit of our customers. After working with Adobe, Marketo’s parent company, for over three years, we saw partnering with Marketo as a huge opportunity to expand our marketing management capabilities to support professionals. It is a key player in the marketing industry, and being able to offer additional services to that community increases our relevance to marketers.

“Collaboration truly does make end-to-end performance management possible, and we are focused on the most effective activities to support marketers create high quality, consistent brand experiences globally, at speed and scale.”

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  • www.wrike.com
  • https://business.adobe.com/products/marketo/adobe-marketo.html 

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