QMS taps Seedooh (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: QMS NZ has contracted Seedooh’s independent reporting and verification platform for all future QMS Digital out-of-home campaigns.

Digital outdoor has seen phenomenal year-on-year growth and is increasingly used for complex dynamic multi-flight and multi-site schedules.

Understanding this, QMS NZ recognises that utilising independent verification platforms will help provide reassurance and confidence to their clients.

QMS strategy director Angus Swainson said: “Seedooh’s platform easily integrates into QMS NZ’s digital operational system to allow advertisers access to proof of their DOOH campaign delivery, as well as giving them access to data that helps evaluate campaign performance, across New Zealand’s largest large format digital network.

“This is a natural step in the maturity of DOOH in New Zealand.”

“As our network coverage increases and the complexity of campaigns escalates, we recognise the need to give our advertisers confidence that their campaigns have run on time and in the right locations.

“This is a natural step in the maturity of DOOH in New Zealand.”

Melbourne-based Seedooh ceo Tom Richter said: “Our entirely automated, low impact approach to providing best practice independent verification and campaign reporting at scale has been proven and adopted at market level in Australia over the last three years.

“We’re very pleased to now be adding New Zealand’s biggest large format digital network to the platform, as we continue to expand the business into progressive markets, where standardisation, automation and confidence are recognised catalysts for innovation and growth.”

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