QMS turns on 39 digital sites in Auckland

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QMS has switched on The Commuter Network (in partnership with Auckland Transport), a digital network that features 39 fully animated digital sites located across the Auckland transport network – including the Britomart.

Prominently positioned at entrances, exits and concourses across Rail, The Northern Busway and Ferry terminals, the network reaches the commuter audience travelling to and from the CBD from across Auckland.

Supported by the QMS Datalab, The Commuter Network reaches 135,000 travellers over two weeks with a total of 4.4 million impressions. Census and Roy Morgan Helix Personas data shows that this commuter audience earn more than the average New Zealander and are 20% more likely to be 20-35 year olds.

“QMS NZ has worked closely with Auckland Transport to deliver what we believe to be an essential digital platform for any advertiser looking to connect with commuters across the breadth of Auckland,” said ceo Wayne Chapman.

The volume of travellers across rail, the bus corridor and ferry has grown to more than 80 million passenger journeys per annum and is set to continue with the expansion of the public transport network across the region, including the City Rail Link.

“This world-class digital network delivers a new audience who traditionally have had limited exposure to other forms of outdoor advertising, in an environment that offers high engagement and long dwell times,” Chapman said.

“Combined with the ability to display full animation The Commuter Network delivers a unique and premium platform for advertisers to connect with commuters with targeted, relevant engagement.”

Auckland Transport head of business development Ian Robertshaw said: “Working with QMS Media to develop new and innovative advertising and engagement platforms is an important strategy for both customer communication and revenue growth. The incremental revenue from these sources helps to reduce the burden on the ratepayer and taxpayer of funding new public transport services”.

Inaugural advertisers on The Commuter Network include: Vodafone, Seek, Trade Me, Prime, Sky City, and HP.

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