QMS NZ switches on Fanshawe Blades

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QMS NZ shows no signs of slowing down as they head into the New Year, with four landmark digital billboards switched on this week; increasing its total digital portfolio to an impressive 20 landmark digital sites across New Zealand.

Known as the Fanshawe Blades, these four six-metre-high sites are prominently positioned on Fanshawe Street to capture an audience of 106,000+ unique people and 2 million impressions each fortnight providing advertisers double the impact by delivering creative in pairs, actively targeting slow-moving inbound and outbound traffic.

Fanshawe St is the second busiest arterial in Auckland, home to some of New Zealand’s top companies, and is a major corridor directing traffic in and out of the CBD, towards the vibrant Viaduct, Queen St shopping and affluent surrounding suburbs.

“2016 has been a significant year for QMS NZ,” says ceo Wayne Chapman. “We are proud to have been able to deliver our clients a landmark digital billboard portfolio that has grown from 5 to 20 digital billboards in the space of just 12 months.

We have switched on some of the most iconic locations around the country, including the recent addition of the ‘Britomart Towers’ and ‘Downtown’ and the new ‘Fanshawe Blades’ are no exception.

“The new year will bring a renewed charge as we work to extend our digital footprint to additional locations across the country ensuring QMS maintains and extends its position as the leader in delivering world class digital outdoor solutions, here in New Zealand.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality digital billboards and look forward to ‘switching on’ more exciting locations across New Zealand in 2017.”

Inaugural advertisers on the Fanshawe Blades include Samsung, Vodafone, Amex, BNZ, Hainan Airlines,Emirates, Sony TV & Unitec.

QMS Media Limited is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. QMS is a leading outdoor media company in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

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