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AUCKLAND, Today: A M+AD reader comments on yesterday’s story about the early cannabis-fuelled Chesdale campaigns: “Saatchi didn’t exist in NZ until the mid-80s when they bought a local agency called Campaign.”

The story M+AD had refered to originally appeared in the Herald On Sunday.

“Did this Herald article really say that they were here in the ’60s?” the reader asks. “Makes you question everything you read, eh?”

Actually, it was M+AD that made this error – not the Herald, which mentioned only the Chesdale agency at the time, Dormer Beck.

“The error came about because ed had a connection to this historic Ponsonby shop.”

The error came about because M+AD ed David Gapes had a connection to this historic Ponsonby shop – his first wife Wendy John-Gapes (now resident in Australia) was an art director at Dormer Beck, and may even have worked on the Ches’n’Dale ads.

And Ed Gapes expanded on this connection for his article by attempting to recall some of the big agency names of the time: Carlton Carruthers du Chateau, Charles Haines, J Ilotts, and J Inglis Wright.

He got those right, but stumbled on the Saatchi connection.

So, apologies all round!

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