Commercial radio continues to grow audiences

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The latest commercial radio audience measurement survey (out of GfK) shows almost 80% of New Zealanders 10+ listen to commercial radio each week.

“In New Zealand’s largest media survey released today the commercial radio industry is pleased to see the continued strength of radio as a channel used by New Zealanders of all ages on a regular basis,” said Radio Broadcasters Association ceo Jana Rangooni.

Survey 1 2017 has shown that commercial radio continues to thrive, delivering compelling results across key demographics. Highlights include:

  • People 10-17: 74.5% listen each week
  • People 18-34: 79.0% listen each week
  • People 25-44: 84.1% listen each week
  • People 25-54: 84.2% listen each week
  • People 45-64: 82.1% listen each week
  • People 55-74: 78.6% listen each week
  • Grocery Buyers: 82.2% listen each week

The chief executives of both major radio companies were pleased with today’s results.

NZME’s Michael Boggs said: “’We are delighted. This upward trend is evidence that radio is valued as a strong medium used by more and more New Zealanders every day. The recent results show that radio is always changing, adapting and innovating to deliver quality, engaging content to listeners all day, every day.”

MediaWorks’ Michael Anderson said:“This is a great result at a time of so much disruption and change in media consumption around the world. The increase in total audience again demonstrates that the radio industry is delivering content that is entertaining, compelling and relevant and we will continue to innovate to ensure that it remains so in the future.”

RBA ceo Jana Rangooni said: “It has been a great week for commercial radio when you combine the results of this survey with ASA figures released earlier this week showing radio revenues have been stable across the past two years despite the increased competition and declines in other areas.”

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