RadioLIVE in solar energy breakthrough

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While some community radio stations (see footnotes) use solar energy, Duncan Garner’s drive show will be the first solar-powered broadcast to be heard on a nationwide network.

The off-grid broadcast from RadioLIVE’s temporary studio at Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is being powered by a solar system designed by leading solar energy services company Solarcity.

“We’re making history tomorrow,” says Solarcity ceo Andrew Booth. “Solar uptake is taking off around the world because it’s a cleaner, cheaper form of electricity and it’s revolutionising the way we’re powering our lives.

“In the last 18 months the number of Kiwis choosing to power their homes and businesses on solar energy has trebled. Our solarZero initiative has removed the upfront costs which were a barrier to going solar. Now it’s easy and affordable for Kiwis to get all the benefits from clean energy that solar delivers.”

Duncan Garner said he is happy to help build awareness around the future of sustainable energy by broadcasting his whole radio show with 100% renewable energy.

“I’m all for showing Kiwis how they can save money and help make a difference environmentally,” he said.

RadioLIVE Drive will be broadcast from Wynyard Quarter on Friday 16 October from 3 to 6pm.

A live video stream will also be available on

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