Rainbow Coalition

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AUCKLAND, Today: Outdoor company QMS (which merged with MediaWorks last year) is using rainbow imagery to lift people’s spirits as they adjust to living in lockdown.

Children have been invited to channel their creative talents by drawing a rainbow dedicated to their favourite essential service teams; these have then been shared across QMS’s nationwide digital network and social media channels.

MediaWorks outdoor media director Mike Porter said: “As we head into the end of week two of the lockdown, we are proud to help convey New Zealand’s thanks across the country through the beauty of rainbows.

“The community engagement in this campaign has been incredible.”

“Outdoor media is ultimately a giant creative canvas and seeing children create visually stunning messages of positivity in these challenging times has been wonderful.

“The community engagement in this campaign has been incredible, we have received a wide range of thank you messages to all essential workers including nurses, zoo keepers, sign language interpreters, food manufacturers, supermarket workers and courier drivers, to name a few.

“As you’d expect, we’ve had great feedback from parents with children who have enjoyed constructively channelling their energy into an activity that resonates.”

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