Yeah, Oscar!

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AUCKLAND, Today: Along with our dedication to all things digital, M+AD still loves its weekend papers. There’s nothing like newsprint to get a decent scan-and-selection process going. Over a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

M+AD has subs to the Sunday News and the Herald on Sunday – but not, sadly, the Sunday Star-Times (can’t get ’em all!).

Here’s a selection of quotes and headlines from the weekend …

  • Sunday News columnist Oscar Kightley: “Is it OK to start freaking out about the Amazon rainforest being burned down yet?” Yes!!!!!
  • Stuff recycling ad in Sunday News: “This newspaper is pure rubbish.” And still more readable & involving than digital!
  • Pretty average headline in Sunday News: The Squire’s the limit (about rugby player Liam Squire).
  • Try-hard headline failure in Herald on Sunday: Henry not thierry-eyed (Arsenal’s Thierry Henry).

Yeah. Nothing great. Except the Kightley quote!

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