Readers challenge M+AD/NBR ‘cull gossip’

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Some readers are questioning the quality of the information contained in the recent M+AD and NBR reports on an alleged cull of top NZME writers as the company moves towards its new 24/7 integrated newsroom model.

They say it’s early days for the process, and the “scare” headlines aren’t helpful.

M+AD ran the original integrated newsroom story – but NBR business reporter Nick Grant ramped up the heat on NZME when he put names to those staffers and contractors – some of the most eminent in the land – who he said were being “consulted” about the plans.

These, NBR suggested, are those now facing the chop.

It appears there are two lists – one for those being “consulted” and another for those deemed secure.

M+AD does not know where Grant sourced his information (one reader alleged he got some of it from gossip columnist Rachel Glucina’s Scout column, launched recently in association with NZME competitor MediaWorks).

What we do know, is there does appear to be two NZME lists – and everything will become clearer in the very near future.

We also note that most of those on the “to be consulted” list are mature journos – probably quite well paid, and unlikely to see themselves fitting smoothly into a 24/7 integrated news approach.

Watch this space.

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