Rebel with a cause

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We’ve long admired the food, music and movie reviews of veteran Auckland journo Peter Calder – usually to be found in the NZ Herald. His latest, in yesterday’s Sunday Herald Travel section, is typically useful. 

The restaurant he’s checking this time is Mondays, an organic joint in Kingsland. He gives it four stars out of five, which ain’t bad! But while his food commentary is, as usual, tasty, some fine insights often come when Calder lets his pen wander.

“It would be idle to deny that I have a cautiously sceptical view of the wholefoods and organic produce movement,” he writes. “If you want to do something for planet, the best two things to do are to halve your meat consumption and eat only what’s in season.!”

And … “Can somebody tell the folks at Mondays that the indoor plants are all dead or dying because they haven’t been watered?”

Man after our own heart!

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