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AUCKLAND, Today: The Pond, which modestly (but accurately) describes itself as “NZ’s foremost recruitment agency for creative & design, digital & tech, and marketing professionals” is taking recruitment to the next level by offering CliftonStrengths’ strengths-based assessments in conjunction with Jason Biggs to fully refine candidate selection alongside their standard, four-week fulltime recruitment process.

“As our satisfied clients already know, we work hard to understand their business, define their recruitment needs, and place just the right people in the right positions to ensure they stick,” says The Pond director Leighton Howl. 

“In fact, the average tenure of candidates placed by The Pond over the last 10 years is an impressive 4.4 years.

“Successful though we are, we aren’t resting on our laurels. Instead, we’re moving ahead with a new, market-leading, CliftonStrengths’ strengths-based assessment service that will provide greater certainty to clients and candidates alike.

“The average tenure of candidates placed by The Pond over the last 10 years is 4.4 years.

“Delivered in association with leading accredited CliftonStrengths coach Jason Biggs, this new service promises to increase employee retention, up productivity, and drive better business performance for our clients. Considering the potential costs and downsides of getting a recruitment wrong when companies attempt to do it themselves, that’s significant.”

“The combination of The Pond’s existing high-quality recruitment offering and this new CliftonStrengths service will help our clients gain valuable insights into each candidate’s behavioural patterns, figure out the best way to manage them, and achieve a better ‘fit’ with existing teams prior to them starting.

“Plus, it will help our clients make better informed recruitment decisions that will save them time and money.”

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