Tears flow as Auckland agency goes out of business

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AUCKLAND, Today: A long-established, well-regarded Queen Street digital agency, Aamplify Partners, yesterday closed its doors, making as many as 25 people redundant.

Auckland recruitment agencies are reporting multiple job applicants on their doorsteps this morning – many of them tearful, and all looking for work.

No announcements have been made about the circumstances behind the closure. But M+AD confirmed the news – with the receptionist.

“There’s nobody at all here,” she said. “All gone. Lots of them.”

“There’s nobody at all here,” she said. “All gone. Lots of them.”

She agreed to pass on our message to director Samuel Williams – but hours later, by deadline time, we’d heard nothing. We also emailed Williams at the address provided by the receptionist – but again with no result.

The receptionist also told us she understood the business was for sale. M+AD will keep readers updated daily.

Aamplify also has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

About Aamplify (from the website)
Aamplify is a privately held marketing firm that provides marketing advice and services to select technology, software and professional services brands across Australasia. Providing services for brand development, demand generation and customer experience design. Aamplify sits at the forefront of relationship marketing and the digital revolution we are experiencing.

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