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AUCKLAND, Today: NZ production house Reel Factory has added two distinguished new directors to its roster – Mark Toia (who’s ex-Brisbane) and Jackie van Beek.

Toia, who has a global rep, has directed ads for Jeep USA, Dodge USA, Dubai Tourism and Budweiser.

“Mark has been pursued by advertising agencies and production companies globally, so we’re thrilled to welcome him into the Reel Factory team here in New Zealand,” said Reel Factory company director/DoP Daniel Watkins.

“The addition of Mark to our roster really propels Reel Factory into the big league of the commercial industry.”

Another key signing for the production house is local director Jackie van Beek, best known for her feature film The Breaker Upperers, and her work on the TV series Educators (dubbed by the NZ Herald as “morbidly hysterical”).

Worked with Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
She’s also worked with Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement on television spin-offs Wellington Paranormal (NZ) and What We Do in the Shadows (USA).

Watkins said: “With her background in devised theatre, Jackie is a fantastic fit for Reel Factory in the commercial space, where comedy directors are few and far between.”

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