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AUCKLAND, Today: Full-service production company Reel Factory has signed two prominent New Zealand directors to its roster – Robin Walters and Sigi Spath.

“This is a big win for us in the commercial space, with agencies moving forward,” said Reel Factory director Dan Watkins.

Film director Robin Walters is known for his character-driven commercials. “Like most creatives, his creativity doesn’t turn on at 9am and off at 5pm,” Watkins said.

“We’ve been working with Robin on meaty performance-driven tvcs for Meadowfresh, Tourism NZ, and Kalo Yogurt.”

“Robyn has gained a reputation as one of the most original and perceptive directors working in the entire Asia Pacific region.

“Known for both comedy and drama, Robins’ work has been commended throughout the industry as some of the most honest and funniest to come out of Australasia in recent years.

“Our team has been working with Robin this year on several meaty performance-driven commercials which include the latest Meadowfresh brand campaign, Tourism NZ’s Winter 2020 campaign and the new Kalo Yogurt campaign.

“He brings incredible experience to a unique production offering for agencies and brands in NZ.”

Sigi Spath
Second-generation filmmaker Sigi Spath has worked in almost every area of film. “Filmmaking is in his blood,” said Watkins.

“He’s worked on projects across the globe, ranging fro the bizarre to the beautiful. He started working as a cinematographer/director in the early 1990s where he went on to win numerous awards both in New Zealand and internationally.

“Sigi has shot some of the most beautiful food porn with our specialised camera systems.”

“In 2015 he was accredited by the NZ Cinematography Society. Sigi brings an intuitive style to his work with a strong storytelling ability, and fully understands the collaborative nature that is required to do truly inspirational work.

“The RF team have had the pleasure of working with Sigi on an array of projects from performance driven scripts to some of the most beautiful food porn being shot with our specialised camera systems.

Sigi has been working with brands of all sizes for decades; his wealth of knowledge and cool calm approach is the perfect fit for our complete in house business model.

Cinebot tech
The Reel Factory has also just brought into NZ the first high-speed cine-robot. “It unlocks a whole new way of filming in NZ which has never been available before,” says Dan Watkins.

“Generally agencies and production companies have had to look to America or London to utilise cinebot tech.

“We are really excited to now have the capability to produce high-end food commercials and a new era of motion control for film and television.”

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