Concrete Playground unveils 2024 initiatives at Upfronts event hosted by Scroll Media

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AUCKLAND, Friday: The NZ arm of Australian digital city guide Concrete Playground is gearing up for a relaunch, with Sydney-based managing director Alex Light and Auckland-based New Zealand editor Emma Clark-Dow presenting a number of upcoming initiatives for in 2024 to agencies and clients in Ponsonby.

Clark-Dow spoke about her motivation to get people out into their cities: “I think there’s a real misconception with young people my age that there’s nothing to do in our cities.

“It’s my passion to really showcase to people that there are fantastic things happening, great places to go out – and not always have to spend top dollar doing it!

“To support our mission, Concrete Playground announced a significant site-wide redesign due for launch in November.

“The redesign will focus on an improved user experience, evolving and modernising the site; alongside a significant investment in bolstering the directory listings in the food and drink vertical, to help Concrete Playground become the #1 destination for where to go and what to do.

“Another key announcement was the launch of a new ongoing events programme called Tastings Around Town. Partnering with specialist hospitality venues, Concrete Playground will introduce its audience to the expansive world of drinks, hosting different tasting events, each diving into particular beverages.

“The redesign will focus on user experience, modernising the site, and bolster the directory listings in the food & drink vertical to help Concrete Playground become a #1 destination for where to go and what to do.”

“We see Tastings Around Town as a way of supporting the hospitality industry; bringing more people to their venues; shining a light on the personalities within the industry, and at the same time, helping our audience potentially discover their next favourite beverage.

“Finally, Concrete Playground also announced it will be launching a travel eCommerce platform, Concrete Playground Trips, to the New Zealand market.

“CP Trips will specially curate each of its itineraries to meet the needs of their audience, to provide Gen Z (16-25 years) and Millennial (26-41 years) travellers with an exclusive selection of travel itineraries across New Zealand.

Alex Light said: “Providing travel experiences was a natural evolution for the Concrete Playground brand.

“For 13 years, we have been the go-to destination for the best experiences on offer across Australia and New Zealand, so it’s only fitting that we take this one step further and actually offer these as bookable experiences to our dedicated audience.

“We have found real success with partnering with cultural events to provide a unique offering of tickets, accommodation, and a little something extra in our packages, and it’s a model we are keen to now roll out in the New Zealand market.”

Scroll Media’s role
Digital advertising network Scroll Media is representing the New Zealand arm of Concrete Playground to brands and agencies, with Scott Hughes and Jane Ormsby leading the partnerships team across content and display.

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