Republik’s campaign to take Starship to the nation (Updated)

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Republik have pulled off the near impossible in getting the country’s media organisations to allow their news presenters to be used on a new fund-raising commercial for Starship Hospital.

As part of the brief from the Starship Foundation, Republik wanted to remind New Zealanders that the country’s only childrens’ hospital is for all of us – not just Aucklanders.

“All too often there’s another tragic story of a Kiwi kid from around the country being rushed to Starship,” says Republik Creative Director Andrew Sims. “The power and gravitas of the nightly news reports are undeniable, we just needed Sky, MediaWorks and TVNZ to put their rivalry to one side and come together for our cause.”

Starship is New Zealand’s only national children’s hospital and has nearly 130,000 patient visits a year, so it’s not surprising the Starship Foundation need public support from around the country.

Featured in the Starship commercial are: Simon Dallow (TVNZ), Samantha Hayes (MediaWorks), Bernadine Oliver-Kerby (TVNZ/NZME) and Eric Young (MediaWorks, Prime TV).

“There wouldn’t be too many Kiwi families that haven’t had a Starship experience,” says Republik’s Director, Craig Abbott. “Whether it’s your child, a niece, nephew, extended family member or friend. When you need it, it’s reassuring to know that world-class, specialist care is available, no matter where you live in NZ.”

“We wanted to create a compelling reason for the entire country to donate.” says Creative Director, Andrew Sims. “We had to remind the audience that despite Starship’s proximity to Auckland, children from all over New Zealand are treated at Starship.”

“This was exactly the type of approach we were looking for,” says Brad Clark, Chief Executive at the Starship Foundation. “The message needed to come through in an emotive way, while also telling Starship’s national story.

“The guys at Republik nailed it. We’re really happy with the result,” says Clark. “We are so grateful to New Zealanders for getting in behind Starship and donating to help our precious kids.”

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Republik would also like to thank the following contributors:

Director: Paul Ross Jones
Post production: Toybox
Sound design: Liquid Studios
Editor: Philippe Lods

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