Rest home recruits wise old heads

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It’s not easy to paint a convincing picture of a retirement home – a place full of ancient Pakeha striving to look cheerful in the sunset of their lives. But Work Communications has given it its best shot.

The commercial shows the journey of a woman from early childhood to living in one of Summerset’s modern villages. From the long ago days of the forties, through the turbulent sixties and the quieter pace of the nineties, we see a very individual story unfold – all with careful period detail.

“It’s all about bringing your life to us and being able to continue it, doing the things that matter most to you, when you enter one of our villages”, says Tristan Saunders, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Summerset.

“Summerset is the next stage of the journey which we think we have captured well, but most importantly we wanted to create an emotional connection with the audience to Summerset.”

The commercial is a companion piece to a previous commercial shot three years ago, on the same theme. Both commercials were written and produced by Work.

“Summerset really tries to set itself apart by showing total respect for its residents and the lives they have led,” says Work managing director Gaylene Anderson.

“The commercials are most of all a reflection of the company culture. As they say, it’s a privilege to share the next stage of the journey – and we think that shows in the TVC.”

Shot by Useful Films over two days, the commercial was able to draw on the talent of village residents for some of the bigger scenes.

Summerset residents’ reaction to the TVC pleased Tristan Saunders as much as their acting contribution. “At our first showing of the TVC in Hamilton, we got huge applause with a lot of our residents seeing themselves on TV for the first time.

“Believe you me, with wise old heads like those, getting such a response was humbling and I knew we had done a job to make the people who count the most proud.”



Client: Tristan Saunders
Senior Creative: Jeremy Littlejohn
Producer: Monica Anderson
Account Servie: Renee Moyle and Gaylene Anderson
Film House: Usefulfilms
Director: James barr
Producer: Carne Bidwill

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