Return of the Caped Hero

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FCB has brought back Stickman as a superhero for Pak’nSave’s Super Birthday Deals campaign – which included a bespoke Snapchat lens, that for 24 hours allowed viewers to play the hero role. 

“We wanted the campaign to be as interactive as possible, and what better way to do that than allowing people to actually become Stickman,” said FCB ECD James Mok.

“Through the Snapchat lens they were able to live out the campaign line, ‘Prices are taking a pounding’.”

He says the stunt drew 476,687 plays and an engagement rate of 13%, compared to the pre-launch estimate of 8%. 62,043 users chose to send the lens to friends or post to their story which lead to an additional 380,305 views and an overall impression count of 856,992.

Key results:

  • 476,687 plays for an average of 16.78 seconds
  • Engagement rate of 13%
  • Unique reach of 352,344
  • 62,043 users, leading to an additional 380,305 views
  • Overall impression count of 856,992

Foodstuffs head of retail marketing Stephanie Pyne said: “We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our shoppers, and we’re pretty stoked with the response.”

The celebrations also crossed over to Facebook, with a competition to win your own superhero character creation and messages to followers whose birthdays fall within the same two weeks of the campaign.

This is Pak’nSave’s second largest retail campaign of the year, which launched across multiple channels including TV, digital, radio, in-store, OOH and social.


Client: Foodstuffs
Group General Manager Marketing: Steve Bayliss
Head of Retail Marketing: Stephanie Pyne
Retail Promotions Manager: Lauren Ness
Agency: FCB
Media: FCB Media
Regional ECD: James Mok
Senior Creative Director: Peter Vegas
Senior Art Director: Leisa Wall
Senior Creative: David Shirley
Art Director: Melina Fiolitakis
General Manager of Retail: Kamran Kazalbash
Senior Account Director: Krystal Houghton
Account Manager: Jade Seaton
Account Manager: Shannen Rogers
Head of Content | Exec Producer: Pip Mayne
Senior TV Producer: Marijana Jugum
Head of Motion Design: Blair Walker
Motion Designer: Will Brown
Group Business DirectorMedia: Sarah Beston
Digital Group Business Director – Media: Steph Pearson
Digital Account Manager – Media: Stacey Hay
Media Manager: Moniquea Somers

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