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Exponential Interactive NZ has unveiled its new proprietary, scalable video ad formats, VDX – which allows single brand experience across multiple screens, and provides ad experiences aimed to drive deeper, authentic audience engagement.

Exponential is a leading global provider of digital advertising solutions; its NZ base is in Customs St East.

The company developed VDX with the ultimate purpose of building upon the advantages of television and video ads and enriching them with the benefits of digital advertising – namely, the abilities to target consumers who are most relevant to a brand, and for those consumers to choose to interact with the brand through an immersive video-centric experience.

The consumption of digital video and associated commercial opportunities are significantly increasing in New Zealand. The latest IAB Online Advertising Expenditure Report for the quarter ending 31 December 2014, shows that video grew 31% year on year to reach $NZ7.10 million and was the fastest growing category behind mobile. Online advertising as a whole rose 32% year on year to reach $167.73 million.

With the proliferation of digital devices, advertisers have struggled to connect with consumers at scale via video on these devices. Solving this for the first time, VDX is made available across multiple types of media – from in-page display, to mobile (tablet and phone) and in-stream – and provides the same brand experience across these devices to ensure full brand immersion and consistency.

“Video is the most powerful vehicle to communicate a brand’s message,” said Ben Maudsley, Exponential APAC/South Africa managing director. “However, when consumers lean forward and choose to engage with a brand’s video messaging, it is a much more positive, influential experience than the passive, lean-back experience that is typically associated with forced, non-interactive, one-way TV ads or pre-roll video.”

VDX is built on top of Exponential’s audience platform, which introduces a hyper-granular level of audience targeting that had never been associated with TV or pre-roll ads. Its platform ingests over 2 billion user events per day, aggregates and segments consumers based on their interests in over 50,000 topics, and uses this data to build look-alike audience models to reach consumers who are most likely to become receptive customers of the brand.

With VDX delivering a single video experience across multiple channels, Exponential has decided to combine its display, mobile and in-stream divisions – formerly known as Tribal Fusion, Firefly Video, Appsnack and Adotube.

About Exponential

Exponential Interactive delivers innovative advertising experiences that transform the way brands interact with audiences across desktop and mobile. Exponential’s platform fuses one of the largest global digital media footprints and proprietary data with user-centric ad formats designed to drive engagement and action. Creativity and audience insights form the foundation for building smarter, more relevant solutions for advertisers and publishers. Exponential was founded in 2001 and has locations in 22 countries.

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