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DDB has joined forces with the team at Facebook to develop an innovative mobile experience as an extension of the new Westpac It’s Time brand campaign.

Westpac is one of the first New Zealand brands to use Facebook’s new Canvas tool which means audiences are able to experience behind-the-scenes footage from the hero TVC shoot with Richie McCaw.

“Canvas is one of the most exciting developments in social media for 2016,” said DDB Digital CD Haydn Kerr. “It allows brands to create immersive experiences within Facebook, which is great for our audience as they don’t need to leave their newsfeed.

“Canvas is almost like a microsite within Facebook,” he said. “It looks like a normal post, but when you tap, the post expands to show a long scrolling collage of videos, photos and text. One of the great innovations is tilt to pan – you’re able to move your phone to move around a video or image, giving you a real sense of control.

“What every fan wants is access, so we’ve used Canvas to grant the wish of all Richie McCaw fans – to experience what it’s like to be on set with the legend himself. This isn’t just your usual behind-the-scenes shots, you are able to further explore the set to get a feeling of actually being there.”

Westpac GM marketing product & transformation Andy Kerr, said: “Westpac is always exploring innovative ways to connect with its customers and Facebook’s new Canvas feature has been a perfect fit.

“With social media now playing such a big part in our customer’s lives, we believe it’s important to be able to offer them new ways to consume content,” he says. “Canvas pushes boundaries and delivers a truly unique experience. We’re excited to see how customers engage with it.”

The new It’s Time proposition was developed by DDB and launched in February as part of a full new brand refresh for Westpac. Unveiled with a hero TVC and category advertisements, out of home and online advertising, all with a new message, look and feel, brand line and logo.



Head of Brand and Marketing: Oliver Lynch
Senior Brand Manager: Amber Willett

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Managing Partner: Elizabeth Beatty
Account Director: Mark Wilson
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Account Executive: Kate Coppersmith
Head of Planning: Lucinda Sherborne
Senior Planner: Anna Gunnell
Digital Producers: Johannes Gertz and Sheetal Pradhan

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